Keith Pickett Holmes was born on March 30, 1969 in Washington, DC to Althea Dyson, a feisty single mother who strived and sacrificed everything to care for him and his older brother. Although he watched his mom struggle, she always embedded pride, loyalty and independence in her kids. Known as the neighborhood sweetheart affectionately called “Al Monday”, she instilled early on in her family, a love for music and boxing-she was an avid Sugar Ray Leonard fan and made it quite known. In fact, it was Mom Dukes’ adoration for Leonard that sparked the interest of Keith in the boxing arena. At only 8 years old, he picked up his 1st pair of gloves and began an odyssey that would enable him to fight his way from the streets to the hearts of boxing lovers all over the world; from Soweto to Stockholm.

Even though Keith loved boxing, he couldn’t totally escape his environment and was a regular figure on the block. But as his hood status rose, so did his boxing prowess. He admits to partaking in activities that he is not proud of and is blessed to have found an outlet to expel his aggression.  With hard work, and determination to make good on his promise to his mother, the would-be thug, translated his tough life lessons and sometimes explosive temper into an occupation that earned him two WBC Middleweight World Championships; a title held by Mike Tyson, Muhammad Ali and Evander Holyfield as Heavyweights.

But behind the belts, Holmes is more than an athlete; he is considered among his peers, neighbors and fellow community members a street profit and people’s champion. Unlike many of his contemporaries, Holmes was able to break away from the throes of the underworld. Serving a 25 year prison sentence, his older brother Dion Holmes was not as fortunate, although they remain super close.

Honest about his own troubled past and involvement in the corruption of the very area he now is committed to serving, Holmes feels compelled to make a positive impact and establish personal retribution through sincere deeds within his Washington DC community.

Now seen as a “go-to” guy and neighborhood leader he wields more brainpower than brawn to address the needs of the hood. The motivational speaker and occasional “street quarrel referee”, offers a positive perspective of what the streets gave to him.

Holmes shares his ghetto gospel from pool halls and parks to preschools and penitentiaries. The highly respected, hands-on social activist has worked with local DC non profit and community organizations including; “Cease Fire: Don’t Smoke The Brothers”, “Peaceaholics”, and “The Alliance of Concerned Men”.

A loving father and friend to the end, Holmes is also dedicated to reaching out the at-risk youth and organizations that emphasize the importance of exercise, healthy eating and lifestyle issues. A devout vegan, the champ believes in and actively supports causes that promote wellness from the inside out. 

 A consummate music-lover, Holmes began writing his own music in 1997 and has been aggressively hustling his way to the top of the music scene with his new single “This Ain’t No Lease,” and upcoming new LP release; Three The Hard Way. He is also the subject of a new reality show called “The Keith Holmes Project”.


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